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Temple of flowers and relaxation ,  Gokurakuji



We are a small temple on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. Through the cultivation of flowers, many people are familiar with us as the "flower temple." Seasonal flowers are on display, such as the Christmas roses that decorate the grounds from winter to spring.

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About Gokurakuji Temple

高野山真言宗 西光山極楽寺

御本尊 阿弥陀如来

Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, Saikouzan Gokurakuji Temple  

Amitabha Nyorai



Awaji Shikoku 88 places tour 35th place  Awaji Hana hero No. 24 billboard






Goraku-ji is the last temple of Hoju-ji (the abandoned temple in the abolition of Buddha in the Meiji era) in the Torikai Hachimangu shrine, and was originally called Saikouzan Amida-in Temple. The current main hall was built about 250 years ago. The graveyard at the back of the shrine has the city's designated tangible cultural property, the Rokuseki Gyozo, and is presumed to be from the early Muromachi period.(It is not open to the public because it is a graveyard of Danke)

To the left of the main hall is the Daishido, where  a full-body statue of the Kobodaishi is depicted 

training. The statue of Daishi standing on the pedestal of the lotus is said to rotate 360 ​​degrees after the "Amanaku Illumination". In addition to annual Buddhist events, Christmas roses are displayed in February and March, and various events such as concerts are held in autumn.

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In addition, we hold various Buddhist events, and non-religious events. Please check the Facebook page for details about the event. If you have any questions regarding various Buddhist matters, rituals, or memorial services, please feel free to contact us.

〒656-1343  兵庫県洲本市五色町鳥飼中41番地

41, Torikai, Goshiki-cho, Sumoto City, Hyogo Prefecture

TEL : 0799-34-0417

FAX : 0799-35-0568

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